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Virtalent provides Virtual Assistant services to busy entrepreneurs.  As one of our Virtual Assistants, you will use your particular skill set to support one of our busy clients with the work they struggle to find the time or skills to complete themselves. This could be anything from personal assistant support and diary management, to social media management and email marketing. The variety of tasks that these business owners need help with makes the work varied and interesting, but requires you to work as a reliable, trustworthy professional at all times.

You will manage your own time and work under your own initiative, working directly with our clients to complete the tasks they need support with throughout the week, on a schedule which works for both of you and the client. Our VAs can complete anything from 0 to 30 hours per week.

We are proud to say that Virtalent works with a wide range of individuals, from experienced professionals who have recently left their jobs to take up a role as a Virtual Assistant, to talented and smart university-educated young people.

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Before You Apply…

We are very fortunate that many people apply to work with Virtalent. Unfortunately, this means that we have to turn down a lot of applications from experienced and talented individuals! We wouldn’t want you to fill in our application, only for it to be turned down.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You do not have a minimum of 8 years’ experience
  • You are not based in the UK
  • You are not a native English speaker
  • You are in full-time employment or part-time work based in an physical office space
  • You have not worked from home as a freelancer or on a flexible basis
  • You are not available during UK office hours
  • You are no longer in employment and setting up as a VA is a temporary measure
  • You are looking to replace an existing job or level of income

We wouldn’t want you to take the time to apply, only to be turned down if you don’t meet our set of criteria!

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Searching for Virtual Assistant Jobs Online?

At Virtalent, our aim is to continue to build a UK-based community of Virtual Assistants who feel supported, valued and who enjoy their work.

We put you through a rigorous application process because being a Virtual Assistant isn’t easy, and we want to get the best out of our applicants and see their full potential. Working remotely can be tough and there are unexpected challenges that can crop up at anytime when assisting with running your client’s business. By carrying out rigorous testing, this demonstrates to us that you can prepare for the unexpected.

However, there is so much enjoyment and fulfilment from being a Virtual Assistant! You have the opportunity to put your skills into practice and feel valued contributing towards the success of your client’s business.

At Virtalent, we believe relationships are built on trust and communication. You will be working closely with your assigned client, which is why we want all our Virtual Assistants to develop a strong working-relationship with their client and with us at Virtalent.

We have high expectations and want our Virtual Assistants to be proud of the work they do. This is why we provide constant support to our VAs as we want them to reach your full potential, and continuously learn so that you can be the best you can be. You really do get out, what you put in!

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Essential Criteria


Excellent communication skills are imperative to this role. Responding to Virtalent and your client in a reasonable time frame is important in ensuring that everyone is informed and up-to-date when they need to be.

Proactive nature

We expect all our Virtual Assistants to be proactive. We foster a mentality where we want you to make suggestions or want you to challenge the norm and find ways to improve existing systems or processes. Don’t be afraid to take control!

Native English

We expect all VAs to be native English speakers or have a command of English to this level and be living in the UK. All applicants should have a GCSE (or equivalent) of a Grade C in English and Maths.


Our focus is to build long-term relationships with our VAs and our clients. That’s why our Virtual Assistants are expected to commit to their role for the long-term. Feel a part of the team!

Customer service

Interacting well with your client is key to developing a good-working relationship, that’s why we expect all applicants to have had experience interacting with customers in some capacity.


Being organised is a skill that not everyone possesses. As a Virtalent VA however, this is one you must possess. Some tasks can be hectic with surprises cropping up, so you must be able to react well, have excellent time management and be detailed and precise. Keep calm and be organised!

“You cannot move forward and improve without continuous learning.”

IT Requirements & Working Space

You must have access to your own computer (i.e. this must not be shared with anyone else in your household), with the Microsoft Office suite and any other relevant software installed. We do not provide any equipment, software or working space.

  • The computer should be good quality and a recent age so that you can efficiently carry out the tasks required of you.
  • The computer must have a broadband internet connection (sufficient speed to use video-calling software such as Skype).
  • You must own a mobile phone.

You must be able to work alone in a quiet environment, with a desk and comfortable chair and no distractions.

Your Relationship with Virtalent

Rates start from £12 per hour.

Virtalent is not an employer. If successful in your application you will be working with customers that we have introduced to you as a self-employed freelancer. You will be responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions.

If you are not currently registered for self-assessment with HMRC, we can offer our advice and guidance to help you with this simple process before the commencement of any contract formed between you and Virtalent.

“The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team.

Why Apply for Our VA jobs?

Why is the selection process so rigorous?

We have a rigorous and selective recruitment process because we have a team of excellent Virtual Assistants who already provide a high quality service and we only want to add the very best to our team. We take pride in recruiting the highest quality candidates.

What happens after I complete the application process?

You will be notified when you have completed the application process. Applications are then reviewed and successful applicants will then complete an interview with one of the Co-Founders of Virtalent, who will determine whether you will become a Virtalent Virtual Assistant.

What happens if I am chosen to be a Virtalent VA?

If you are chosen to become a VA, you will be given access to our Virtalent Training Programme and provided with all the welcome information which will allow you to get started. After you have completed the training and have received all your welcome information, you will be assigned to one of our clients to work with.

More questions? Get in touch.

If I have any questions about Virtalent or company processes, who do I contact?

If you are taken on as a Virtual Assistant, you will be given an Account Manager who is your point of contact and is there to support you from the moment you are recruited and beyond. You can always contact them by phone or email if you have any questions.

What do I do if I am struggling with the workload?

If you feel you are struggling with the workload or feel you need additional training to cope with any tasks you are completing, then contact your Account Manager who will schedule in a chat with you. We are there to support you.

What do I do if my client wants to call me?

Sometimes the best way to start working with your client is by having a phone call. We expect you to use your mobile phone to communicate with us and your client. You will always need to communicate with our clients during the working day (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) so you must have some time available during the week to make phone calls and reply to emails. If you have commitments back-to-back Monday to Friday, then unfortunately this may not be the opportunity for you.

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