In today’s modern world we have access to many different pools of talent at the touch of a button. Gone are the days of long drawn out hiring processes. Searching the local area for the talent you can only hope is there. You now have access to the whole country’s talent pool from your desk. One of the greatest ways to locate these skills quickly is to hire a Virtual Assistant. They offer huge benefits to a modern employer. However, do those advantages justify the cost of a Virtual Assistant? In this post, we are going to highlight six of the key benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Demonstrating why they more than justify the cost that you will be paying.

There are many hidden costs when you are hiring a traditional in house team member. These can quickly stack up. Before you know it you have invested much more than you would have liked to in the recruitment process. When you take the time to consider all these other investment costs you put into hiring a physical employee, the money you save on a Virtual Assistant speaks for itself. So first, let’s take a look at the real financial costs of recruiting in a traditional way.

The Cost of Recruiting v. The Cost of a Virtual Assistant

The single biggest factor when assessing the cost of a Virtual Assistant is the associated hiring costs. A report carried out by Oxford Economics has found that the average cost of hiring a new employee is £30,614. This is made up of lost output during the recruitment process and the cost of integrating the employee into the team. Then on top of this is the actual salary you will be paying the new employee. When you consider this figure for a moment you immediately see the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. The process is so much more streamlined and simple. Contact a company such as Virtalent, discuss your requirements and they will provide you with a highly talented team member to start right away. This cost saving alone justifies any spend on a Virtual Assistant.

Skill levels

A huge benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant is the level of expertise you can hire. With the growth of people looking to work flexibly, there is a growing talent pool in the UK that you can draw from. So, if you are looking for a specialist skill like marketing, you can hire someone who already has a depth of knowledge in that area. This may be a level of expertise that is not immediately available to you in the area of the country you live in. This access to a much larger audience is hugely beneficial when looking for specific skill sets.

Amazing Time Savings

There is no greater money saving exercise than maximising your own time. One of the key benefits of a Virtual Assistant is that they can take work off your hands that is not proving to be an efficient and productive use of your time. This will allow you to offset the cost of a Virtual Assistant by generating more value from your personal time. As the key person in your business, the ability to maximise the profit from your limited time is absolutely essential for increasing your income.

No Need for a Physical Space

When considering the cost of a Virtual Assistant one of the key aspects to think about is the fact that they will work in their own space. You don’t have to fork out on any extra space, desks, chairs or even computers. They will provide their own space, saving you money.

Save Money on Training

When you go through traditional hiring routes you not only have a limited talent pool but you may only get enquiries from people who have the potential to be successful in the role. However, this potential will need to be nurtured and developed through investment in training. By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can access talented people who can hit the ground running and support you right away. This negates the need for you to spend that extra income on training your team up and you can use that money elsewhere to boost your business.


One of the greatest aspects of hiring a Virtual Assistant is the incredible flexibility they provide. For example, if you are going through a sudden period of fast growth you can draw on skills almost immediately from anywhere in the UK. Also, as a business owner, you know cash flow is king. Virtual Assistants can be flexible to respond to the cash needs of your business. The level of flexibility they can provide can allow you to generate income by supporting and responding to the growing needs of your business.

When you are considering the cost of a Virtual Assistant it doesn’t take long to realise the benefits and other cost savings associated with it justify the spend many times over. So when you are looking into hiring your own virtual team member make sure you consider the immense hidden costs savings that come along with it.

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