One of the most significant yet often overlooked reasons why a number of small businesses struggle to expand their business and increase their productivity is simply because their leaders try to do everything themselves. Considering yourself capable of handling everything with limited resources is not the answer to growing your business. There is nothing worse than a busy idiot.

Entrepreneurs are the worst culprits, suffering from a ‘superhero syndrome’ believing they can do everything, failing to realise that they can do anything, but they can’t do everything. More often than not, this is the reason why many businesses fail or at least, fail to grow. So, what can be done to ease the rising workload of today’s business leaders? The answer is quite simple: hire a virtual personal assistant.

If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.” Richard Branson 

If you are wondering what a virtual PA can do to make your work easier, here is a list of ways a virtual personal assistant can help lighten your workload! 

Who is a virtual PA?

Virtual personal assistants or virtual office assistants as they can sometimes be referred to, are contractors who work independently to provide administrative, technical, and creative assistance. However, as the word virtual implies, unlike regular personal secretaries, virtual PAs do not work in a physical office space. Instead, they work from off-site locations and carry out their work completely remotely. No hassle of providing them with a workspace or office equipment, including copies amounts of Yorkshire tea (other tea brands are available).

What tasks can I assign to my virtual PA?

There are a wide variety of tasks you can assign to your virtual PA:

  • Most virtual PAs will be able to carry out some financial tasks. From raising invoices and updating your accounting software, to making payments and chasing overdue invoices. Spend your time making money by getting someone else to chase your money.
  • Like any other personnel secretary, they can also maintain a calendar and schedule your meetings with your clients.It can be really beneficial having someone who can help organise your life and tell you where you need to be and at what time. That’s one less worry!
  • Email and inbox management is a key task for any virtual PA. They can respond to your phone calls, answer customer emails and respond to emails from your personal inbox. Having your assistant respond to emails is not only a great way to keep on top of your enquiries, but it’s having someone on hand to deliver customer service and generate sales.
  • Your virtual PA can also be responsible for making all your travel arrangements. Booking travel and hotels is a time-consuming task that many can underestimate. Searching for the best options and the cheapest deals takes time, so let someone else take it off your hands!
  • Finally, what’s great about hiring a virtual PA is just having someone on hand to rely on when you need something doing. Aside from general day-to-day tasks that they always carry out, a virtual PA is good to rely on for any ad-hoc activities. Did you forget about your wedding anniversary tomorrow and need something sourcing quickly for your loved one? Get your virtual PA on it if you want to avoid an argument. Do you want to send Christmas cards to all your clients? No problem, they’ve got it covered.

A virtual personal assistant is nothing short of a life-saver in most circumstances. If you need something doing, they’ll get it done. What better reason could you want for hiring your own virtual PA?

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