11 Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Looking for digital marketing ideas for small businesses? Great idea. Because we all live digital lives these days, spending roughly 6 hours a day online. For more than half of that we are glued to a device of some sort. As a small business this offers great potential. But your resources are limited so it’s […]

How To Write A Marketing Strategy In 8 Simple Steps

There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s journey where just winging their marketing no longer cuts the mustard. You’ve done pretty well up to now, sure, but you’re ready to take your business to the next level. And that means getting serious about marketing and learning how to write a marketing strategy. Why? Because planning […]

Sales for Busy Entrepreneurs: Generating Leads

Hello and welcome back to our “sales for busy entrepreneurs” blog series, following the post we wrote last month covering the essentials you need to know before professionalising your sales strategy. Now we’d like to discuss lead generation. In this post we’ll cover the use of directories and listings, as well as the importance of […]

A Guide on Getting to Grips with Twitter

Twitter has been around, in one form or other, for over 1o years. Despite how long this social media channel has been around, there are many that have not ventured into the Twitterverse. Still not sure of the basics? You can barely walk down the street without hearing something or seeing something that mention Twitter! […]

How to Make Use of Google Plus in Your Businesses

Still a little confused about Google+ and how to use it alongside your other social media channels to maximum effect? We’ve written this post to help you understand the basics. Not only is Google+ a great way to strengthen your brand on the internet even further, it is great for SEO and has some really cool […]

Sales for Busy Entrepreneurs: Know the Lingo

Recently we’ve spoken to a lot of small business owners who are great at selling their product/service, but struggle to recruit the right salespeople or understand whether their marketing partners really know what they’re doing. Why is this? Simply because they don’t understand some of the basics about sales themselves. Perhaps you’re one of them, perhaps not, but we […]