How A Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you’re probably used to doing everything yourself. But when your business really starts to take off it’s imperative that you keep building on that momentum. One way you could do this is to hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant. Why? Because if you want your small business to make […]

The Virtual Assistant Industry

Before there was such a thing as the Virtual Assistant industry, going to work meant making that long schlep into the office. You’d then sit at your desk for the next 8 hours. At least. Then you’d log off and go home. And that was it until tomorrow. But not anymore. Some may lament that […]

Collaborating With Your Virtual Team

Virtual team collaboration. If you’re an entrepreneur hiring your first Virtual Assistant, or a small business owner with a team scattered far and wide, then you’ll know how challenging it is. And how important it is to get right. As the trend for remote working increases, so too does the need for a shift in […]

Why UK Virtual Assistants Love Working at Virtalent!

This post may seem a little self-congratulatory but, both to reassure prospective clients that they are indeed hiring a happy, motivated individual to join their virtual team and to reassure prospective VAs looking to apply to work with us, today I want to highlight exactly why our team of UK Virtual Assistants love working with us […]

Early Stage Business Growth : Investing In People

Early Stage Business Growth You thought of an idea, built a product, found your first customers, generated revenue and learnt a lot along the way. The hard part is over, right? Starting a business isn’t easy, however, even more difficulties arise when you have proven all of your assumptions and have achieved a reasonable level […]

The Benefits of Hiring a UK-Based Virtual Assistant

Every entrepreneur and business leader wants to expand their company, take on staff (in one form or another) and, most importantly, increase their bottom line. However, only a select few of these passionate business owners consider the downsides of limited time and increased workload. A growing business demands investment of immense number of hours and multi-tasking skills, which […]