Unless you have been hiding in a box recently, you will be aware that the US presidential election is now reaching its conclusion and Americans will be going to the ballot in November.

“Trump vs Clinton” will finally be decided. The contest has been fairly divisive so far, both during the nomination period and now the main event is in full swing. Trump is seen as a fresh, even anarchic, voice by some, while others see Hilary Clinton as having the experience and calibre a president needs.

With the polls showing a close result, no one quite knows how Trump vs Clinton is going to pan out.

Donald Trump

Trump is the Republican candidate and a larger than life figure who has managed to capture the imagination of many voters disillusioned with the state of politics in the US. When he started working for the nomination of the Republican party candidacy over a year ago, Trump was seen as the outsider and up against some formidable and well established conservative opponents. One by one they fell by the wayside leaving Trump clear to challenge for the presidency. A reality star and entrepreneur who says what he wants, Trump hasn’t had an easy ride from the resident politicos in the Republican party and many have refused to support him.

His supporters say he shoots from the hip and speaks from the heart, detractors counter that he is wholly unsuited to the prestigious post of President of the United States.

Hilary Clinton

Wife of former incumbent Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton would be the first women to hold the post of President of the United States. She has been working in politics for the last 30 years and has been at the heart of government as Obama’s Secretary of State. While Trump was battling against several Republican candidates, Clinton was up against left leaning Bernie Sanders. Finally nominated as the Democratic candidate, she has tried to put forward solid policies but has found difficulty in getting away from personal attacks including accusations that she broke the law in having a private email account while acting as Foreign Secretary.

Clinton is not the most popular choice for President and many of her opponents say that she brings too much political baggage to the contest. Her supporters say she is the only viable candidate with clear ideas and policies ready to go as well as the gravitas POTUS needs.

There’s no doubt that Trump vs Clinton has become one of the most unusual presidential contests in living memory. Personality has been pushed to the forefront and policy issues seem to have become a secondary issue. A large proportion of the American population are not happy about the choice they have been given in the 2016 election and it has led to some vociferous arguments not only between the two candidates but by voters in every state.

Recent polls have seen Hilary Clinton starting to draw ahead but it is probably still too close to call. What is true that the next President of the United States is going to be different. We will either have the first woman president or one that has never held a single political office in his life.

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