There comes a time in any businesses development when a decision needs to be made about growing. Is it time to hire new team members to help the company develop? It is often quite a big commitment. One of the most cost-effective, time-saving and flexible ways to grow is to hire a Virtual Assistant. They provide you with an experienced, efficient and fast solution to growing your team. How to find a Virtual Assistant who fits your needs? That’s a different matter.

Before Googling or researching on the internet for someone to hire, there is much more important work to be done. In order to make sure you find an Assistant who fits your business, you need to make sure you prepare well. Without this key element, you will often find that the fit you have is not as tight as you had hoped. When you are thinking about how to find a Virtual Assistant who fits what you need, you must consider what they will do, how they will do it and what you want out of it. Through this process, you will give yourself the best chance of getting the right fit for you. To help you on that quest we have the key steps to go through when you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Define What You Need

As is the case with any project it is essential you define the purpose of the Assistant. What are they there to do? How will they provide support and value to your company? Perhaps they will take over general admin tasks such as diary management, emails and travel booking in order to free up your time. Alternatively, it could be helping you develop your marketing. Whatever it is that you need them for, make sure you define those tasks. This step allows you to focus your search when you are looking for that new person to draft into your team.

Decide On The Outcomes

The next key step, after you have defined the purpose and tasks for the Virtual Assistant, is to think through what you want the outcomes to be of the relationship. It could something as simple as freeing up x amount of hours for you to focus on your clients or developing your social media to a point where you have x number of followers? Whatever the outcome is, it is important for you to define it. This will help you to measure the success of your new team member, as well as giving them a goal and sense of achievement when they hit it.

Outline The Skills They Will Need

Once you have spent the time defining these two aspects, you can then really start to build a profile of the skills you require. If they are looking after your admin, they would perhaps need great organisational skills. If it is for your marketing, do they need copywriting experience or social media knowledge? When considering how to find a Virtual Assistant that fits your needs this is an important aspect of the process to consider. Get the skills needed right and it will make your search much, much more straightforward.  

Ensure You Set Your Expectations

Following on from setting out the profile of who you are looking for it is then important to consider what you expect from them. Given that it is your business they will be working with or representing this is an aspect that is important to consider. How would you like them to talk to your clients? What does your company “voice” sound like online? Are there any particular ways that you do things in your business? These sorts of considerations may not be at the top of everyone’s list, however, if you want to project a consistent company persona to your clients, it is an essential aspect to think through.

Once You Have This Then Get Looking

After all this preparation you are in the perfect position to start looking. The background work you have doing will make the practical aspect of how to find a Virtual Assistant a lot easier. Simply visit a site like here at Virtalent, discuss what support you need with one of our team and then a team member at Virtalent will make a full proposal, containing the details of the VA we recommend you work with.

Knowing how to find a Virtual Assistant who fits your specific needs is not just a question of searching on Google. It takes a little bit of preparation time. However, the pay off is that you will ensure that you get a Virtual Assistant who suits exactly what you need as a business. This will ultimately save you time, help you increase your income and build your team.

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