Every entrepreneur and business leader wants to expand their company, take on staff (in one form or another) and, most importantly, increase their bottom line. However, only a select few of these passionate business owners consider the downsides of limited time and increased workload. A growing business demands investment of immense number of hours and multi-tasking skills, which is not easy for one person to handle alone. In such a situations, there are a number of options for these entrepreneurs to consider.

First of all, growing your business can also become a cost-cutting exercise amongst other things. Therefore, the cost and financial risk of employing a member of staff is not a risk you can bear when battening down the hatches for full-scale growth. The additional costs involved in employing a member of staff: recruitment costs, insurance, sick pay, maternity pay, an office space and so on, can be never ending. Don’t forget the time involved (your precious time which you are looking to free up) in recruiting, training and monitoring your employee. It doesn’t sound like you will have the time to focus on growing your business any time soon with this option…

What options do you have?

There have been great changes in recent years to the way the world of work actually works. Workers have said goodbye to the safe 9-5 job and a big hello to the world of remote working. It is a result of this, many entrepreneurs and small businesses are turning away from hiring employees and are turning to another sustainable form of building a team. It is therefore much more commonplace for a business owner to outsource their work, departments or entire business processes to a UK-Based Virtual Assistant. Hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant is a way for business leaders to alleviate their workload and release their stress.

What or Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a fully trained and highly skilled expert who is responsible for providing virtual assistance to a variety of businesses. The support that they offer can range from administration, PA support and diary management, to digital marketing support. All the work is carried out remotely and on a flexible basis.

There are a number of advantages of hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant to consider.

No Timezone Troubles

Firstly, outsourcing to a UK-based Virtual Assistant means that you work in the same time zone as your VA. They will be accustomed to working UK business hours, will know UK business etiquette and be there in the hours that you need them to be. Many offshore companies who provide Virtual Assistant services will not keep to your normal business hours, which means that you can often wait for hours or even days for tasks to be completed. If you need a quick answer to a important issue, it’s no use to you if you’re calling your VA and they are in bed on the other side of the world.

Native Speakers

Another benefit to hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant is that your VA will be native English speaker. There will be no language barriers or misinterpretation and your VA get the nuances in your language and meaning, not to mention the British sense of humour, which can definitely go a long way in a working relationship! By hiring a UK-bases Virtual Assistant, your job is to save yourself time, so you don’t want to be correcting work, checking for spelling mistakes or re-writing work. Nor do you want your Virtual Assistant to be liaising with customers on your behalf if they can’t communicate fluently as this doesn’t give off the best impression.

Affordable Assistants

Another significant benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant is that it’s a cost-effect and affordable solution for many business owners. Many Virtual Assistants, like the Virtual Assistants that work at Virtalent, only bill for the time they spend working on your tasks and projects. In the case of Virtalent, there are no rounding up, no hidden costs, you simply pay for the time your VA works. This is an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs who can’t afford to employ staff, but need a flexible solution to meet the precarious needs and fixed budget of a small business.

Skilled Team

When hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant, you want to be safe in the knowledge that you are hiring the best person to help you. That’s why choosing a Virtual Assistant agency, like Virtalent, guarantees that you are hiring someone who has been interviewed, checked, trained and most importantly, someone you know is skilled and experienced to be your VA. Hiring individual freelancers or VAs means that you can’t guarantee that all these checks have been done – you are simply taking that person’s word for it. Whereas agencies like Virtalent are fully insured (this is a legal requirement) whereas most individual Virtual Assistants are not – yet this is the law! Agencies also have more experience as they will have worked with a wide range of VAs and businesses alike, so they have the knowledge of your needs and expectations. Agencies know what works. There are only so many hours in the day and so much capacity after all for one individual person.

Ease The Burden

Virtual Assistants are there to ease your workload. That’s the whole reason you took on a Virtual Assistant! Although you avoid the legalities associated with employees, a Virtual Assistant is still a part of your team. They can be responsible for ad hoc PA tasks, or you can outsource whole areas of your business to your Virtual Assistant(s). A Virtual Assistant can take charge of your Marketing, from social media management to sending our newsletters and blog writing. A VA can do more than simply schedule appointments and this is why hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant is such an attractive prospect for businesses owners. Not just simple everyday tasks can be outsourced, but whole processes or areas of you business. The modern entrepreneur needs more support than simple diary management.

Remote Workers

A further benefit to hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant is that they work remotely. This means no more office costs, no providing desk space or the equipment needed for any employee that would usually hire. This is another reason why hiring a Virtual Assistant is affordable for the modern day entrepreneur. With Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, you name it, you can get hold of your Virtual Assistant at any time.

If you’re ready to grow your business and you are serious about scaling up, you need to also seriously think about who you need to help you get there. Hiring a UK-based Virtual Assistant is a flexible, risk-free and cost-effective alternative to hiring staff, sourcing talent and getting the job done. What have you got to lose?

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