Outsourcing is not a new concept for SMEs. With businesses and technology becoming more advanced than ever, SMEs need to ensure that they too are ahead of the game. For many, this means dedicating many long hard hours and late nights to ensure that their business is up to scratch, right?

Wrong! Businesses are growing fast and SMEs don’t have the time to spend gradually growing their business so that it’s ready to hit the marketplace in 6 months, a year, two years or so. Businesses need to act fast to get their ideas to market. But what is the solution to avoiding all those long hard hours and late nights?

The answer is simple. Outsourcing.  

By outsourcing business tasks, businesses have the freedom to concentrate on the focal points of their business and concentrate on streamling their core business activities. Imagine you are a Web Designer and are about to start your own web design company. You have a steady flow of clients and are ready to get your design business off the ground. However, instead of doing the design job you’ve always dreamed of doing and living the dream of being your own boss, the amount of incomplete admin tasks is growing, there have been unanswered emails left for days resulting in unhappy customers, marketing and social media has not even been taken consideration yet, promotion is non-existent and you haven’t had time to start of the workload of your second client! What has this led to? One stressed out Entrepreneur. What is the answer?b

A Virtual Assistant.

With just a few clicks, all these tasks can disappear, leaving you to be in charge of what you do best – running your business. Entrepreneurs and business owners can no longer afford to spend their time completing menial and time-consuming tasks. Business owners need to work out the value of their time and calculate the time allocated to tasks that add no direct value to the business. If the time dedicated to unimportant tasks outweighs the time put into value-creating tasks, then you should consider outsourcing these tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

Outsourcing is key to saving both time and money, and can be an integral part to the initial start up of the business, as well commanding a place in the ongoing operations of the business overtime. Outsourcing business practices is no longer reserved for big businesses. In fact, SMEs can guarantee a closer working relationship with their Virtual Assistant and establish a strong professional relationship built on trust and a closer understanding of the business. Nowadays, companies are becoming more accustomed to delegating tasks in order to avoid losing themselves in the unnecessary tasks that hinder the vision of their business. SMEs must avoid falling into the trap of not taking advantage of the business support options out there. It is crucial to understand that big budgets are not always necessary for business outsourcing!

Outsourcing business tasks is crucial to the initial success of an SME. Whether businesses have realised or not, there will be business tasks that arise that you a) may not feel equipped to deal with or b) you just don’t have the time to do.  However, SMEs may find that they see the value in regularly outsourcing business practices or even whole departments, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. Don’t forget that Virtual Assistants can be effective at managing the more personal aspects of your business, such as diary management and so they become essential in effectively carrying out the in-depth work of a PA.

In order for an SME to become successful in the fast-paced business world, outsourcing may be the only way of surviving the difficulties and the heavy burdensome workload. Increased pressure to keep your business afloat and compete with competition may signify that businesses ought to look to outsourcing to VAs as a means to completing business tasks at a lower financial cost. and in order to save valuable time. The market for SMEs is large and extremely competitive and businesses need to find ways to outsmart their competition and overcome significant business challenges.  The most significant way of outsmarting your competition is by taking advantage of the resources out there so that you can channel your business in the right way, and focus on the essential tasks that will make your business a success.

Virtalent provides entrepreneurs and businesses with the tools to make outsourcing business tasks easier and stress free.

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