Social Media Outsourcing: The Facts

Social media outsourcing can be an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain your business’ online presence. However, many companies are unclear either on the benefits of investing in social media or whether their social presence is really something worth outsourcing. If you are wondering whether to outsource social media management but are currently unsure of the benefits, here are a few important facts:

Social Media is Powerful

Social media is undeniably a powerful tool for promoting your business, and it has grown to be one of the staples of online marketing. Its power lies partly in the sheer number of things it can do effectively. It can reach new customers, maintain awareness of your brand among past customers, promote new products or special offers, drive people to your website, and boost your search rankings. No matter what goals your business has online, social media can be a valuable tool in supporting them, and it is this wide-ranging usefulness that has led it to become so prevalent in modern marketing. As for how effective it is at doing these things, return on investment is difficult to measure with social media but some studies have still managed to produce encouraging facts. For example, research by Social Media Today suggests that 80% of social media users prefer connecting with businesses on Facebook, and lead-to-close ratios through social media can be double those achieved by more traditional methods of marketing.

Social Media Takes Effort

Social media can offer great returns on investment, but it still does require investment before it will start giving out returns. Social media is a way for people to keep in touch with friends, and honestly it first came to the attention of most businesses as a notorious driver of employee procrastination. Among some small businesses, this has created a false impression that social media marketing is a casual, simple affair and essentially boils down to “messing about on Facebook.” Using social media professionally, however, is not nearly so easy. Composing posts that will make an impact, adhering to an effective schedule, and maintaining strong engagement with a social media customer base takes time, effort and skill, as well as a knowledge of best practices and good tactics.

Outsourcing is Efficient and Effective

Larger businesses usually hire specialists to manage their online presence. The returns can easily justify the cost of paying those employees, and having dedicated staff allows them to benefit from the most effective social media management, without eating into the time available to other staff members. However, hiring in-house staff is out of reach for many smaller businesses, and this is why many choose to outsource social media management. This takes the time and effort investment that social media requires out of your hands and those of your existing staff, so you can all focus on doing what you specialise in. What you have to gain, on the other hand, is probably more than if your social media channels were managed by non-specialists in-house because the work will be carried out by specialist staff who will most likely be able to provide more effective social media management with a smaller time investment.

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