This post may seem a little self-congratulatory but, both to reassure prospective clients that they are indeed hiring a happy, motivated individual to join their virtual team and to reassure prospective VAs looking to apply to work with us, today I want to highlight exactly why our team of UK Virtual Assistants love working with us at Virtalent.

From Executive Personal Assistants who have spent the last 10 years working for a corporate consultancy or legal firm to savvy digital marketing professionals looking for a new challenge, we are proud to say that our diverse and rapidly-growing team really are thriving.

No commute

One key benefit to working entirely remotely is that our team never have to spend another minute on a train, bus or plane, or hours spent in traffic, ever again. Instead, they can wake up and get straight to work after breakfast. Not only is this much more convenient, but not needing to travel is especially useful for those members of our team who live in more rural parts of the UK or those who don’t want to face the morning rush hour on the Underground.

Less time spent commuting means more time spent dedicated to working for their clients, attending to other areas of their personal lives and managing their other commitments.

A commute of just 30 minutes per day (and you would be lucky if that’s all it takes you, door to door!), adds up to at least 20 hours per month or 240 hours per year. When a typical working week in the UK stands at 40 hours, that is the equivalent of 6 full time weeks of the year spent on the train each year! Choosing not to commute isn’t just more convenient and a better use of your time, but it often makes a lot of financial sense too – not only in travel costs, but also in time not spent earning!

No office politics

Free from distraction, our team of Virtual Assistants can focus on delivering excellent results and not on whether Gary in Marketing is dating Michelle in Accounting. All of the work remotely across the UK in their own home offices or co-working spaces.

No more charity bike rides to be guilt tripped into sponsoring, no snide comments about Sally’s excessive stationery habit, no moaning about the weather and no gossiping about the new boss. Just pure, 100% focus on what really matters.

Flexible work

To a large extent, the work our Virtual Assistants do for our clients is much more flexible than a regular 9 to 5. Unless our clients specify otherwise, the work can fit around their other commitments (such as dropping their children off at school) and they generally set their own hours. If they are an early riser and want to make a start on your social media scheduling at 6am, or prefer to work late into the afternoon because they go swimming in the mornings, so be it!

Unlike the regular humdrum of Friday morning management meetings and networking events to attend, working as a Virtual Assistant offers a great deal of flexibility and much more freedom than most employees would be used to.

This also applies to the number of hours they would like to work. If they apply to us only looking for 10 hours of work per month, that is absolutely fine, but we also have clients looking for full-time VAs too! This means they can build up their hours to a level they feel comfortable maintaining and delight our clients in the meantime!

Plus, they have minimal administrative processes to follow on their side. Each month we tell them how many hours they need to send us a bill for and that is it! No early morning breakfast meetings desperately hoping to secure new business from the guy currently dribbling egg down his shirt, no calls with an accountant about their next annual return, no time spent trying to work out the best way to their market their services… they simply log in, do the work to an excellent standard, and log out again. There really is beauty in simplicity.

Fully Supported

Time and time again, our Virtual Assistants tell their Account Managers how well they feel supported. If they have a worry or concern about the work they are carrying out, they can give their Account Manager a call at any time, who will then investigate the issue and work with them to resolve it constructively. We also never bill time to a client for handovers, so if their VA needs to go on holiday for a few days, they can feel completely at ease to spend as long as they need preparing and then handing over to the VA who will be covering for them whilst away, without any concern that their client will be picking up the bill. We generally leave our Virtual Assistants focus on their work, but they know we are there if they need us.

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