The word “VA” is a term that we will be hearing a lot more in the next few years, but most may not have heard this term before in business. A VA is a Virtual Assistant. In other words, a personal or executive assistant  that works remotely, very often from home, completing various tasks for businesses. Hiring a Virtual Assistant enables businesses to delegate time consuming and often boring jobs that the business does not want to or have the time to complete themselves.

So why use a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are the problem solvers of the modern world. They are saviours of every start-up and can make your business successful in immeasurable ways. Firstly they can assist with financial tasks such as bookkeeping and invoices. Virtual Assistants are capable of dealing with chasing payments on behalf of the client, managing accounts payable and receivable as well as setting up online payments. It can very often become a hassle for businesses to constantly arrange and collect payments, so why not let a Virtalent Virtual Assistant deal with these inconveniences for you?

A Virtual Assistant can manage and organise events by arranging speakers, liaising with events staff, researching venues, organising catering, troubleshooting and so on. Virtual Assistants can also be on hand to deal with enquiries and problems that may arise from planning events. Stressful events can be managed easily without the costs of hiring an expensive project manager!

Conducting research and collating the latest news and trends is a task that is necessary in order to remain up to date with the ever changing business world and a task that businesses can often neglect. Virtual Assistants can discover new markets, new target customers and highlight ways in which the business can improve its efficiency, and then compile the necessary information in order for this to be implemented.

Virtual Assistants can carry out various forms of Marketing from running social media channels (such as Twitter and Facebook) to dealing with media enquiries and creating adverts, newsletters and blog posts. A Virtalent Virtual Assistant can also monitor social medial accounts to determine where best to reach clients for the company as well as write and publish blogs and marketing material.

Database management is a task that is often outsourced to Virtual Assistants. Updating client information, assisting with the recruitment of prospective clients and inputting their details into the system are often “boring” tasks that take up valuable time. Virtual Assistants are on hand to deal with these monotonous and time consuming jobs.

Don’t forget Virtual Assistants can also handle the day to day communications of the business. This can range from  responding to emails to chasing up clients or employees. It can be very beneficial for a business to have somebody there to respond to instant problems!

As we can see, Virtual Assistants are perfect to help a small business owner with the wide variety of tasks that arise every day. They are proficient, reliable and dependable; the virtual superheroes of the office! Any task, no matter how big or how small, they have got it covered. So what are you waiting for? Hire your Virtalent Virtual Assistant today!

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