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Please use the form below to book a consultation with Virtalent.

In a typical session we aim to:

  • Get to know each other and explore your needs.
  • Discuss the tasks you need support with.
  • Discuss the skills, personality and experience you feel are important to the work you need support with.
  • Explain the monthly packages offered by Virtalent and explore which may be the most suitable.
  • Offer an overview of how the service we offer works.
  • Discuss timescales. Are you looking for someone to help immediately or to start in a few weeks time?
  • Answer any other questions you may have.

Each session typically lasts 30 minutes and typically, based on our discussions, we will send you the profile of at least one of our available VAs for you to review shortly after.

If you are happy with our choice, we can also arrange a phone call between you both before you proceed any further!


Need to reschedule?
We would really appreciate if if you would let us know by using the cancellation link in your confirmation email or by calling us on 0330 120 0477.