Our Virtual Assistants


All of our staff are based in the UK. We’re always available in standard office hours and often outside of those if you really need to get hold of someone.

Native English speakers

All of our VAs are tested to ensure they can communicate in English to a native proficiency. No language barriers. No hassle.


Our team come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, but we ensure they all have plenty of relevant experience for their role as a Virtual Assistant.

Always fully-supported

All of our Virtual Assistants are continually trained and supported by a direct line manager. They are a real part of our team (and yours!).

Full of ideas

All of our VAs are asked to contribute their own ideas to any tasks they carry out for you. Inject some fresh thinking into your processes!

Love working remotely

All successful applicants to Virtalent must have worked remotely in a previous job role. They love skipping the morning commute!

Meet Elisa

With an MBA in Marketing and a Masters in Marketing & Communication Studies, as well as over 10 years of experience in senior international marketing roles, London-based Elisa began working as a Virtual Assistant in 2015 to escape the office routine and work around her growing family needs.

She is an excellent multi-tasker and a real asset to any virtual team.

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You are in safe hands with a Virtual Assistant from Virtalent. Whether you are looking for a social media pro or a resilient PA, all of our team have significant industry experience relevant to the role they will be carrying out for you.

Our multi-stage application process includes:

  • An evaluation of their education and professional experience.
  • An assessment of their availability & the impact of any commitments they may have.
  • Checking references.
  • Thorough testing of their skills through comprehensive online assessments which we have developed in-house. These range from a challenging e-tray exercise to grammar and numeracy tests.
  • Checking that they have a suitable working space and the tools they need to succeed.
  • A video interview.
  • An interview with one of the Directors of Virtalent.

Less than 2% of applicants are successful in eventually securing a position with us.

Once onboard, all applicants receive induction and skills-based training so that they are fully prepared to work with a client.

Each Account Manager then continually works to support, train and manage any Virtual Assistants in their team to ensure they are working to their best potential. Together they make a great team and, if your VA happens to be ill or away on holiday, then your Account Manager will step in and ensure that any work is covered by one of our colleagues.

Meet Michelle

Michelle joined Virtalent as a Virtual Assistant last year, focusing on administration and customer service support.

She has over 15 years of experience in roles ranging from a Research Manager with North Yorkshire Police to the Regional Sales Co-Ordinator of an international sports brand. Michelle is fluent in French and Spanish, given her BA in Modern Languages and her passion for travel.

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