Virtual Marketing Assistant at Virtalent

Joe joined Virtalent as a Virtual Assistant in early 2017, providing high-level marketing support to a range of Virtalent clients. After graduating with a degree in Politics in 2006 (followed by an MA in 2010), Joe began his career with Newcastle City Council, but since then he has started his own marketing company focused on coaching companies, worked as Head of Marketing for a business coaching company and then as Marketing Officer for the University of Leeds.

Joe tells us his story:

About Me

I am a highly creative, independent and positive professional. I have extensive experience in marketing to different types of audiences.

Following a number of years as the Head of Marketing for a service company, I decided to create a more flexible career for myself. Since then I have worked with tech companies, service providers, manufacturing businesses and many others. My real strengths are in strategic planning, digital marketing, copywriting and marketing process implementation. In my own time, I love to read, watch films, take in an inordinate amount of football and travel!

Why did you want to work as a Virtalent Virtual Assistant?

There were two draws to becoming a Virtual Assistant.

The first was the direct interaction you have with clients is very rewarding. You immediately see the impact your work has on the business itself as it grows, but as a Marketing VA you also experience the effect it has on their life as an (increasingly happy!) business owner.

Second, was the variety. With clients coming from many different industries, with a range of requirements, I now learn and grow every single day.

How do you support your clients at Virtalent?

I currently perform a number of different tasks for my clients. These include blog writing, social media management, online advertisements, email marketing and general website maintenance.  I have also had the opportunity to help mould their strategies through data analysis and research.

Why do you enjoy working at Virtalent?

The great thing about working with Virtalent is you benefit from all the support of a professional team, but retain the autonomy of working for yourself. Also, as I mention above, the variety of projects I can work on really does provide me with new challenges every day.