Virtual Assistant at Virtalent

Lisa provides highly skilled project management, back office support and Executive Assitance to two well-established clients at Virtalent.

Lisa has over 20 years experience and started in her current career back in 2000, as the Office Manager and EA to the CEO of a recruitment company. She then worked in project co-ordination and EA support roles for a regional arts organisation, an executive education company, a military training company and a start-up in the retail space, before joining the Virtalent team as a Virtual Assistant.

Lisa tells us her story:

Why did you want to work as a Virtalent Virtual Assistant?

After 3 bouts of redundancy over the previous 5 years to joining Virtalent, I finally “took the plunge” and quickly realised that I could do everything I would do in a physical office location from my own home office. Having worked from home many times before, this didn’t seem too much of a leap into the unknown, but I was surprised at how simple the transition was.

I now find the flexibility of working remotely as a VA is a great advantage, but equally the client base is much broader and therefore far more interesting. Every day brings something new to challenge me and learn from!

How do you support your clients at Virtalent?

My clients are fairly new companies, so I find that having set up 2 businesses myself (and 3 others for previous employers), I can identify with many of the challenges my clients face and the numerous pressures they find themselves under as they grow.
Having “been there” myself, so to speak, I find that this experience, coupled with my easy going nature works well and builds a quick rapport with a new client. More importantly, this approach eases the pressure and uncertainty a client may feel when first delegating to a VA which for many new clients, is a completely new and unchartered approach to doing business.

Why do you enjoy working at Virtalent?

There is a young and vibrant feel to the company and an overall impression that ideas will be taken on board and, if good for the business, will be implemented. Overall the company exudes a very friendly and helpful vibe which is important when working in a virtual environment. I also truly love the calibre of clients coming through – this is motivating and inspiring in itself. I’m genuinely looking forward to the rapid growth and future success of the company!