Virtual Assistant at Virtalent

Michelle joined Virtalent as a Virtual Assistant last year, focusing on administration and customer service support. She has over 15 years of experience in roles ranging from a Research Manager with North Yorkshire Police to the Regional Sales Co-Ordinator of an international sports brand. Michelle is fluent in French and Spanish.

Michelle tells us her story:

About Me

I am a very determined and motivated person. I enjoy speaking to new people, putting together plans and ensuring any project I deliver exceeds a client’s expectations. Outside of work I love flying off to European cities with my family at weekends (especially in the summer) and looking after my 8 year old son, Ben.

Why did you want to work as a Virtual Assistant?

I started working as a VA recently after a number of years commuting to my job as a Sales & PR Manager. Not only did I find the commute tiring and a poor use of my time, but I lost count of the number of days I had to frantically call by husband to ask him to pick up our son as my train had been delayed or cancelled again. After a day spent negotiating with office politics, followed by a particularly long commute home, I started to question how happy I really was in my role. After over 20 years spent following a similar routine I decided I needed a change.

I found out about the VA industry from a business owner friend of mine and I instantly knew it was for me! Since making the move, I have enjoyed every single moment and have relished the challenge. I finish the week feeling full of energy and excited about the next one to come… my life certainly wasn’t like that before!

What tasks do you support your clients with?

I support all three of my clients by managing their social media channels, sending out email marketing campaigns and writing blog posts. I spend more of my time supporting one client in particular (as they use a Virtalent Ultimate package) and for this business I also write press releases, help with day-to-day admin and answer customer enquiries.

Why do you enjoy working at Virtalent?

I can honestly say that the team at Virtalent cannot do enough to support my clients and I. They also keep me “in the loop” about anything I need to know and are always 100% transparent about any issues I need to address, which makes my life a lot easier and ensures I am always fully prepared to work to my best ability. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!