Virtual Marketing Assistant at Virtalent

Sheena joined Virtalent as a Virtual Assistant in 2017, providing high-level marketing support to a range of Virtalent clients. She

She has over 12 years of key industry experience in roles ranging from Head of Brand and Marketing at London School of Business and Finance and a number of marketing consultancy and community engagement positions with local councils and the Department For Transport, through to Head of Marketing for a UK-USA education company.

Sheena tells us her story:

About Me

I am a specialist in behavioural change theory, advertising and marketing psychology. Alongside my work at Virtalent, I am also a lecturer at a leading business school and have exceptional quantitative and qualitative market research skills. I also hold master’s in Psychology of Advertising and a degree in Advertising & Marketing, both from the University of Lancaster.

I have built a solid reputation in the design, management and implementation of many successful business strategies, marketing projects and advertising campaigns. I am highly experienced in events management, promotions, digital marketing, social media marketing, people management, project management, community engagement and PR.

As well as a proven capability of developing established and building new brands, I understand and have experience of working for and with private and public sector organisations and know that best practice can be drawn from each area.

I have a sound, commercial approach with substantial experience in driving footfall, website traffic and telephone enquiries via print, new media and digital marketing communications.

Although I have built up a specialist area in education, sustainable travel and sports, I am happy and capable to utilise my skills in a range of different industries.

Why did you want to work as a Virtalent Virtual Assistant?

To help individuals and organisations to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.

I love working with a variety of people, from different backgrounds, industries and countries. I also enjoy working from my home office, something which offers me the ultimate work-life balance. I never liked the long commute to work by car or the tube, so I am now very grateful that I can instead use the time I used to spend commuting to enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride before work and then relax with a cup of tea before starting my day!

How do you support your clients at Virtalent?

I listen to their needs, desires and goals.  I work with them to design a strategy or plan of action in order to achieve them and then I set to work. I keep in touch with most clients daily and take the legwork out of their hands to free them up to work on more “important” things, like winning more clients and planning for growth. We also have fun, inspiring conversations and brainstorm ideas.

Why do you enjoy working at Virtalent?

Virtalent only hire the best in their field. I enjoy working with talented people, who are straightforward and get the job done. There are no office politics and only easy to work with, intelligent people who enjoy what they do. It is a very supportive online community of professionals which means I really do enjoy going to work every day!