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Responding to Customers on Social Media

Responding to customers on social media can be an obstacle for even the most savvy social media expert. Even the Prime Minister summed up – in his own eloquent way – the problems we can all face on social media. “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many tweets might make a [email protected]” David Cameron MP Social

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Social Media Outsourcing: The Facts

Social media outsourcing can be an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain your business’ online presence. However, many companies are unclear either on the benefits of investing in social media or whether their social presence is really something worth outsourcing. If you are wondering whether to outsource social media management but are currently unsure of the benefits, here are a

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A Guide on Getting to Grips with Twitter

Twitter has been around, in one form or other, for over 1o years. Despite how long this social media channel has been around, there are many that have not ventured into the Twitterverse. Still not sure of the basics? You can barely walk down the street without hearing something or seeing something that mention Twitter! Twitter can be a very

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

The word “VA” is a term that we will be hearing a lot more in the next few years, but most may not have heard this term before in business. A VA is a Virtual Assistant. In other words, a personal or executive assistant  that works remotely, very often from home, completing various tasks for businesses. Hiring a Virtual Assistant enables businesses

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