Virtalent Hire an Online Personal Assistant

Looking for an Online Personal Assistant? We can help!

The benefits of hiring an Online Personal Assistant are almost endless and at Virtalent, our Virtual Assistants can help with much more than simply managing your inbox. All of our PAs (we call them VAs) are university-educated freelancers who have passed through our rigorous selection process which includes a background check, an interview carried out by one of our Company Directors and testing of their skill set.

Fewer than 5% of applicants are successful in securing an interview with us, so you can rest assured that your Online Personal Assistant is of the highest standard.

Your VA from Virtalent can offer a whole lot more than the list below, but here is what you could typically expect from support from a PA.

Diary and calendar management

Stay organised and up-to-date by letting your Online Personal Assistant manage your diary for you. It’s easy to forget the odd appointment or the need to return a phone call to an important client, but it’s even easier to be reminded of them. Having two of you is much more effective than having one!

Make personal appointments (e.g. dentist)

One of our Virtual Assistants can run your personal errands too, whether it’s booking appointments, finding you a great restaurant to take your other half out to or arranging a babysitter, there are many ways in which one of our Virtual PAs can save you time.

Manage speaker requests from workshops and conferences

A great way to promote your business is by attending conferences and industry events. An even better way to promote your business is by arranging your own conference or workshop! It may seem a daunting task taking on such a big project, but if you hire an Online PersonalAssistant, the tasks in hand will become a breeze. The key to project management is keeping organised and this is exactly what you can do with our help. They can carry out research for the venture, arrange guest speakers, venues, catering, buy gifts for the speakers, arrange prizes and anything else you want to include! In fact, you shouldn’t have much to do at all once you have put together the content of the event (and we can even help with that as well).

Manage client email accounts, responding where appropriate

You can really hone down your tasks if you hire an Online Personal Assistant. Not only does it reduce your workload, but it can reduce your stress levels too. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for a service which not only saves you time, but can also help you achieve a much better work-life balance and feel less stressed?

By delegating aspects of your customer service process, such as handling all your incoming emails, you don’t have to worry about always replying to hundreds of emails on the go. An Online Personal Assistant can allow you to attend your meetings in peace without your phone buzzing every 5 seconds due to an influx of emails!

Record expenses and manage personal budgets

Not only are our VAs highly skilled in administration, they can deal with the finance side of your business too. There are many tools and software packages out there that enables an Online Personal Assistant to manage your expenses and personal budgets too. It’s not always necessary to hire an accountant or financial adviser to manage your simple expenses tasks. Let your PA handle it for you. They’ll need something else to do once they’ve completed the rest of your work after all!

What else could an Online PA from Virtalent do?

We aim to offer our clients a much wider range of skills than most PA or VA agencies. We understand that you have more on your to-do list than the basics of simply answering the phone and filling in paperwork. Virtalent’s Online Personal Assistants come from a range of different backgrounds and have a variety of professional experiences, though all are university-educated.

A Virtual Assistant from Virtalent can help you with anything from writing your blog and managing your Twitter account, to redesigning your business stationery and following up on sales leads.

Find out more about the service we offer here.

Our talent pool contains a range of marketing assistants, designers, linguists, illustrators, researchers, web developers and much more! This allows you to send us a wide range of different tasks, safe in the knowledge that all work is billed to the exact minute it takes to complete and everything is overseen by your Birmingham-based Account Manager.

Why Virtalent?

Virtalent is the home of the Online Personal Assistant, supercharged!

We pride ourselves on our passion for making your life as simple as we possibly can. We offer a dependable, long-term solution built on trust and communication. Our service has won numerous awards and comes highly recommended by a rapidly growing number of very happy clients. Why not check out our reviews?

Our team is led by two passionate entrepreneurs who founded the business early in 2014. Since then, we are pleased to say that Virtalent’s Virtual Assistant service has gone from strength to strength and has twice outgrown its offices in that time frame!

Why not pop in for a coffee the next time you are in Birmingham? One of our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Unlike other companies in our industry, there is no need for you to prepay for any work in advance and instead we’ll simply send you an invoice once a calendar month which will detail any work our Online Personal Assistants have done for you that month.

Why would you need an Online Personal Assistant?

All of our Assistants are talented, university-educated young professionals who are full of fresh ideas. We purposely ensure that whilst they are all highly organised and professional individuals, they have not spent 20 years working in a highly-political, stagnant corporate environment. Our clients love the outgoing and proactive nature of all of our bright PAs and VAs.

Our Online Personal Assistant service will reset your work-life balance, helping you to spend less time with your colleagues and more with your friends and family! They will enable you to work on your most value-adding work, making a real difference to the amount you can achieve in your working week.

Focus. Work smarter, not harder, and watch your effectiveness soar through the roof!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to take a couple of your favourite clients out to lunch this week? Or to really take the approaching bank holiday weekend off to spend time with your children?

Time flies. Its important that your work-life balance allows you to focus on what you are best at and what you enjoy doing. Fighting fires is not the answer. One of our talented Virtual Assistants will help you correct the balance. Interested? Why not ask one of our Head Office team to give you a call or simply get started right away!