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Virtual Assistant LinkedIn by VirtalentLinkedIn is the only notable social media network for professionals and is the perfect channel for those looking to market their services within a B2B context. With 2 new users joining every single second and profiles registered across more than 200 countries, it is not a marketing channel to be missed if you are targeting other businesses with your product or service.

Do you need a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant? Many companies (especially if you are targeting individual professionals with a service) have leveraged the power of LinkedIn to drive new sign ups or, at the very least, initial consultations, at a very low cost compared to more traditional marketing channels. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can filter users by job title, location, estimated income and so much more. How does this compare to mailing out thousands of flyers or aimlessly “networking” at huge business conferences in the hope of stumbling across your ideal prospect by chance?

At Virtalent, as with all of our team, all of our LinkedIn VAs are background checked once they have passed through a rigorous selection and evaluation process. This process includes an extensive application form, 2 interviews, a number of skill tests, mock client projects, a number of grammar and numeracy tests, and much more. Less than 2% of the LinkedIn Virtual Assistants that apply are successful in securing a position with Virtalent!

``Networking is an essential part of building wealth.``

Armstrong Williams

What does a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant do?

Linkedin Virtual Assistant by VirtalentThe role of a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant is varied and depends mainly on the client’s needs. This can include:

  • Posting updates to a company page.
  • Updating and adding to your profile.
  • Researching prospects or new customers.
  • Reaching out to potential prospects via LinkedIn Messaging (premium account may be needed for features such as Sales Navigator).
  • Finding potential hires and asking them to apply for a position with you.
  • Researching, writing and publishing articles to LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Managing LinkedIn groups and communities.
  • Managing and making connection requests.
  • Messaging new connections.
  • … and much more!

Some of our VAs will also have experience of running digital advertising campaigns via the LinkedIn platform too. If this experience is particularly important to your marketing objectives than simply let us know if you create an account and we’ll ensure that the LinkedIn Virtual Assistant assigned to your account specifically has this knowledge.

Could you benefit from the support provided by a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant? Get in touch today to find out more about how our social media team can help.

The possibilities are endless. Did you know that 60% of LinkedIn users do not use Twitter and that 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn? It could pay to ensure that LinkedIn is included in your content marketing strategy as the typical LinkedIn user is often very different from the typical Facebook or Twitter user.  With just under half a billion global users and its position as the only real professional social network, it shouldn’t be ignored.

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