Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Feeling exhausted? Struggling to get anything done? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the paperwork and administration that comes with running a business. It can seem like you spend most of your day collating information in spreadsheets, sending emails and making notes.

Looking for an Online Administrative Assistant?

Virtual Administrative Assistant by VirtalentIf you are looking to better leverage the (relatively little!) time you and your team have to grow your business each working day, and not simply tread water, a UK-based Virtual Administrative Assistant could be exactly what you are looking for. They will not only take charge of your administration but, if you wold like, they can draw on their years of admin experience to suggest improvements to your existing processes.

  • Perhaps a folder full of spreadsheets and databases could be moved into a CRM?
  • Maybe some of your older processes could now be automated by software?
  • Could your booking system be streamlined?
  • Do you really need all of these processes – perhaps some of them could be merged or removed?

A Virtual Administrative Assistant will know the answer to these questions and so much more. Whether you need help with data entry or handling customer refunds, you can leave it to them!

Virtual Administrative Assistant Companies

Administrative Assistant VA UK by VirtalentThere are a wide range of companies which offer you a way to hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant. Some are in the UK and others are abroad. Others are temp agencies offering you a way to hire office staff without a permanent contract.

  • But do you really need the hassle of managing someone and providing them with a desk?
  • Do you want to confront the language barriers and cultural misunderstandings that so often come with hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant overseas?
  • Is it going to cause an issue if you need a file resent but your VA is now tucked up in bed because of the difference in time zones?

It is much more convenient to hire an experienced VA, based right here in the UK. Our team work remotely so don’t need you to provide them with an office space and hiring one is a very simple process. No tax paperwork, no payroll, no employment contracts… simply create an account online and we’ll get started.

You will be able to call or email your Virtual Administrative Assistant directly and Virtalent provide you access to a task management portal which you can use to keep an eye on the time logged to your account 24 hours a day.

``Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.``

Steve Jobs

Why hire an Administrative Assistant VA from Virtalent?

Online administrative assistantVirtalent is one of the fastest-growing (if not the fastest!) Virtual Assistant companies in the UK. Whether you need a Virtual Administrative Assistant or someone with an entirely different skill set, we are sure we have a VA just perfect for your needs.

Unlike our competitors, our team are based entirely in the UK, they are all native English speakers (or bilingual) and are rigorously evaluated before they are offered a position with us. All must pass a stringent grammar and numeracy test, before being independently background checked by Onfido. Less than 2% of those that apply are successful in securing a position with us as a VA!

If you hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant from Virtalent you can do so with complete peace of mind. All tasks are insured by Hiscox Insurance and all clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to support both you and your Virtual Administrative Assistant in the work they carry out for you.

Our Pricing Plans start at just £250 per month. Why not book a free 1:1 consultation to better understand the service we offer?

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