Hire a Virtual Secretary

Trying to stay on top of everything from your calendar to typing up meeting notes saps your time and energy. Could you be better leveraging your time or that of your team? Outsourcing much of this day to day work to a Virtual Secretary would supercharge your productivity, clear your mind and allow you to focus.

Looking for a Virtual Office Secretary?

Hire a Virtual Secretary from VirtalentA Virtual Secretary from Virtalent could help with a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Scheduling or rescheduling meetings in your calendar
  • Dealing with your emails (acting as a gatekeeper)
  • Making meeting notes and agendas
  • Formatting and checking documents
  • Transcribing audio notes
  • Managing projects and liaising with your colleagues
  • Research and producing management reports
  • Arranging personal appointments
  • Booking meeting rooms and event venues

Why hire a remote secretary?

Online secretary services - VirtalentThere is a lot to be gained by hiring a new member of your team remotely.

A Virtual Office Secretary from Virtalent will work remotely somewhere in the UK. Not restricting ourselves to a particular town or city allows us to focus on recruiting the very best candidates and not worry whether our office is located  in a convenient place for them to travel to. Our VAs can work from anywhere and that means we have a lot of choice when it comes to who we recruit.

Why not take advantage of this yourself? Whether you are a business in a deprived or rural area which makes hiring good staff tricky, or you are located in the heart of a city like London and are faced with a lot of choice, but also a great deal of competition and expense to secure great candidates, hiring remotely from offers a number of tangible benefits.

Plus as your Virtual Secretary will work remotely for Virtalent, you won’t need to worry about finding somewhere for them to sit, liaising with HR and filling in a mountain of paperwork, meeting about their personal development or paying their taxes. Virtalent’s all-inclusive monthly packages make hiring a Virtual Secretary extremely simple and cost-effective.

``Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.``

Charles Kettering

Find an Online Secretary from Virtalent

Virtual Office Secretary by VirtalentA Virtual Secretary from Virtalent will have passed a rigorous selection and evaluation process before being hired. They must also have plenty of relevant experience to the role, a positive and proactive attitude to their work, and all of the tools they need to perform at their best (a high speed broadband connection, for example).

Here are just a few of the stages that a successful Virtalent Virtual Secretary must pass through:

  • A detailed application form
  • An assessment of their LinkedIn profile and CV
  • An identity check by Onfido (and by us internally)
  • An interview with a Director and a secondary interview
  • A number of tests, evaluation and assessments to ensure they are suitable for the role
  • Mock client tasks and projects
  • Grammar and numeracy evaluations

Then, once they make it onto our team, they are continuously trained and supported by their Account Manager.

Need a Virtual Secretary?

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