Virtual Assistant Writer

Writing blog posts

It can be difficult to stay on top of your blog. You know it has great SEO benefits and it gives your brand a voice, but it always seems easy to put it off. Need a Virtual Assistant Writer to research and write your blog posts? No problem! Our UK-based Content VAs have it covered. Whether you want them to write your content from scratch as part of a content marketing plan or you need someone to simply proofread the post and upload it to your website, they will work under your instruction. Aside from some fantastic content writers we also have a number of highly experienced VAs from an online background, so Virtalent can also help you form an effective content marketing strategy and then implement many more aspects aside from writing alone.

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Article Writing

Need a Virtual Assistant Writer with a background in news and PR? We may well have someone ready and waiting for you. They will draw on their experience to write articles to suit your needs. Need a hand to research a list of journalists to distribute them too? Don’t worry, we have that covered too! Our UK-based Virtual Assistants will use their skills to ensure your content is educational, informative and exciting. What are you waiting for?

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Something else? A Content VA will have it covered

A Virtual Assistant Writer from Virtalent will have experience in creating high quality content ranging from e-books and white papers, to email autoresponder series and online guides. Then, once you’re happy, they will draw on their marketing knowledge to promote the content. Whether you have a well-planned strategy you would like them to follow to the letter or you would prefer them to work entirely under their own initiative, our team will work hard to produce content that excites your audience.

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All of Our Plans Include

A UK-based Virtual Assistant Writer

A dedicated Account Manager

Direct contact by phone, email or text

Access to our task management portal 24/7

Let a Virtual Assistant Writer
handle your content

Leave it to a professional. Your VA has it covered.

Save time

It’s simple really. Now that your Virtual Assistant Writer is busy typing away, you just freed up a lot of your time! That’s where the fun begins…

Switch off

Hiring a Virtual Assistant means you may just get home from the office before the kids are in bed. That equals more time spent on what really matters.

Lift off again!

Clearing your plate will give you room to breathe, ensuring you have the clarity of mind to focus on finally achieving your goals.

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