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Find Blog Writers from VirtalentIt can be challenging to find excellent UK-based blog writers for hire, especially at a rate you can afford. With our all-inclusive monthly pricing plans you can ensure your blog is maintained to a high standard and to budget.

As one of the (if not the) fastest-growing Virtual Assistant services providers in the UK, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent support and high quality work, all at a rate which is under the national average rate for a VA in the UK according to the Society of Virtual Assistants latest annual survey.

Blog Ghost Writers for Hire from Virtalent

Blog Writers for Hire from VirtalentIt makes sense to look for blog writers for hire in the UK.

  • No language barriers to contend with. Sometimes it is a few slight nuances or an odd tone of voice which can make or break a brilliant blog post.
  • No time zone differences. What if you need a little tweak to a post but can’t reach your VA for another 12 hours? Often you can only be able to contact an offshore blog writer when you are not working, disrupting any chance you have of achieving that elusive “work-life balance”.
  • No cultural differences. It is more than likely that your business is targeting customers who live and breathe the same culture, the same values and the same humour as your team do. Will someone living in India or the Philippines manage to ignite that same spark in the mind of your customer or will the content fall short?

``Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.``

Isaac Asimov

Find Blog Writers Here in the UK

You are safe in the hands of Virtalent’s blog writers for hire. As part of our all-inclusive monthly pricing plans (starting at just £250 per month), you will not only be assigned a dedicated Account Manager but will also be matched with an experienced blog writer to craft outstanding content for your business.

All applicants to Virtalent (including blog writers for hire) must pass through a tricky selection process which includes:

  • Grammar tests
  • English language assessments
  • Skills testing and checking
  • A review of the candidate’s CV and/or portfolio
  • 2 interviews (one with a Virtalent Director)
  • Internal and independent identity checks
  • Mock client tasks and projects

Creating an account with us is also very simple. Many clients like to speak to one of our team by booking a free 1:1 consultation, but others head straight to our sign up page. After completing a short form you will be directed to GoCardless to create a direct debit agreement with them. You can then expect to be matched to a Virtalent Account Manager immediately, who will assign you your VA or blog writer for hire.

You’ll then simply prepay for each month you need our support, with the option to cancel or switch your plan at any time. No strings attached!

Looking for blog writers?

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