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    How do I get started?

    Signing up to Virtalent couldn’t be simpler. Head over to our sign up page which can be found by clicking here. Please give us as much information as possible about the tasks you need support with. We’ll then assign you a dedicated Account Manager, who will allocate the most suitable Virtual Assistant to your account.

    How quickly can I get set up to use your service?

    Very quickly! If you have all the information you need and you want to sign-up straight away, you can click here. Alternatively, you can book a consultation with one of the Founders of Virtalent to find out more and to discuss your business needs.

    I’ve signed up. What happens now?

    Once you have filled in all your details in the sign-up form, one of our dedicated Account Managers will be assigned to your account and they will get in touch with you right away. Once they understand the nature of the work you need support with, they will assign you our most suitable VA. Your Account Manager will be on hand at all times to keep you updated. Yes, it really is as simple as that!

    How do I know that your Virtual Assistants are capable of carrying out these tasks?

    Applicants must pass through a competitive and rigorous application and assessment process in order to become a Virtual Assistant with Virtalent. Our Assistants are appointed based on their professional experience, skills, talents, qualifications and achievements to date, but mainly on the basis of their natural intelligence, communication skills and passion for the work required of them.


    Once hired, our VAs must pass through our Virtalent training programme before they can begin working with our clients to fully prepare them to be a Virtalent Virtual Assistant.


    The training doesn’t stop there though! Our VAs are given on-going help, support and training, so they are fully equipped to carry out any work required of them. Our Virtual Assistants are hard-working, ambitious and determined individuals with the necessary skills and capabilities to assist you in achieving continuous success in your business.
    Still not sure? Book a consultation here.

    Do I only work with one Virtual Assistant at a time?

    You are initially assigned one Virtual Assistant, however you can have more Virtual Assistants assigned to you at any time without any additional commitment. You may require one of our super social media VAs alongside your amazing administrator VA, just let your Account Manager know.


    Why not create an entire team of Virtual Assistants?

    Are there any additional fees or charges?

    There are no additional hidden fees or setup charges to pay. You only pay for the time our Virtual Assistants spend working on your account, and not a penny more!

    Do my unused hours roll over each month?

    We understand that sometimes you may have a quiet month. Any unused hours on your account will roll over to the next month.

    How is payment taken?

    All payment is processed through our third party provider, GoCardless, who process all payments on our behalf. Your payment is taken on the same date each month. So if you sign up on the 5th, the payment will be taken on the 5th of each month going forward.


    Any additional hours you used are billed to you at the end of that month, which these invoices also debited via GoCardless in 7 days.

    What do I do if I want to upgrade my plan?

    If you find you want to upgrade your price plan, let your Account Manager know so we can get this in place for you. If your Account Manager notices that you need to upgrade to a better plan, they will let you know.

    I'm not able to pay by direct debit. Is there an alternative?

    We also offer subscription plans via Stripe for a small surcharge (to cover the extra fees). This allows you to pay with a debit or credit card. Please call us on +44 (0)330 120 0477 if you need a different alternative. All customers receive full VAT invoices as standard.

    I'm a VAT-registered company based in an EU country other than the UK. Do I have to pay the VAT?

    No, if you can provide us with your EU VAT number we will verify this via the VIES system. We can then use the reverse charge system so we can remove the VAT from your invoices. Looking to sign up? Please make sure to let us know you have an EU VAT number before you create an account so we can direct you to a different payment link.

    Who will be my Virtual Assistant?

    We recruit our VAs from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of our VAs have experience in a particular discipline, such as Marketing, HR and Administration. Others may not have years of experience behind them, but they are recruited because they are smart and business savvy. Their knowledge is based around new technology, current business trends and the understanding of how to run a small business.


    Our approach is different. We look at the soft skills of each person, not just the hard skills. Communication is key.  After all, what’s the point in having an administrator with 20 years experience if they can’t interact with your customers, make suggestions to improve the efficiency of your business and help you to grow your business!

    Where will my VA be located?

    All our VAs are UK-based and this is something we are proud of. This means that all our VAs understand how British businesses operate, they all speak English fluently (no language barriers!) and there are no time zone differences.

    When doesn't my VA work?

    As all our Virtual Assistants are UK-based, we observe all bank holidays in England and Wales. There will be times when your VA will also take time off too (we all need a break from time to time!). Your VA will inform you in plenty of time when they will be taking holiday. Don’t worry though, your Account Manager can arrange cover for the time your VA will be away or if they are ill.
    They usually work during standard UK business hours, but if you are in real need of a VA to working more unsociable hours please let us know and we will try out best to accomodate your needs.

    What tasks can my Virtual Assistant help with?

    Some of our talented assistants can help with diary management, PA support, inbox management, research and any admin task. Others can assist with social media management, writing blogs and sending our newsletters. What support are you looking for?

    Read more here.

    How can I contact my VA?

    You can contact your Virtual Assistant through the Virtalent email address that we provide them with, by phone or by text.

    Can I call my VA?

    Of course! Schedule a time to call your VA and they will be more than happy to have a chat with you.

    Can my VA help with accounting or bookkeeping?

    Your VA can assist with financial admin such as adding invoices to your accounting software or chasing invoices on your behalf, however due to the legalities associated with bookkeeping and accounting, we are unable to provide full service bookkeeping or accountancy support. Our VAs will happily research excellent bookkeepers or accountants to help you with this type of work.